Mist and Fog


Gratitude List:
1.  Mist rising through moonlight in the hollow.
2.  Driving up the ridge in the bright sun this morning and into a cloud that seemed caught in the trees of the ridgeline.  Fog all around, and bright sun, caught in a pocket of brightness.
3.  New spaces.
4.  My Side of the Mountain.  My eldest started to fill a backpack today.  He said he was going to go off for a couple of days.  Could I make him a thermos of medicine tea?  Could I show him where in his survival manual he could find the pages on building a shelter, please?  Could he take the pruners?  I remembered in time that we had listened to the audio book of My Side of the Mountain back in September, and it included a section of the author telling of her own childhood adventures and how important it was for her parents to BELIEVE her, to let her go explore, to not squelch the intent.  The task for my own child was a little too daunting on a winter day, when all was said and done, but he did spend hours outside by himself, plotting his personal shelter.  My heart is so full of this.
5.  John Cope’s Dried Corn

May we walk in Beauty.


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