How it Begins


Have you caught the rustle of wings

as the train rushes through,
hardly slowing to stop at the station?

Have you felt the breath in your ear
as the quiet sun leaps from the ridge
and touches your face like a lover?

Have you noticed the shadow that darts
just at the edge of your vision
as the river flows with purpose
under your ancient bridge?

And suddenly, before you–
before you can take another breath,
the madness is upon you,
the craving has taken you,
the pen is in your hand,
the words glow and bleed
beneath your fingers.

Gratitude List:
1.  Major kitchen renovations that cost less than $200.
2.  Book Faeries.  They keep coming back to this list.  After last night’s discussion of My Side of the Mountain, we got the recommendation for the lovely book We Were Tired Of Living in a House, which we have checked out of the library and which we love.  That reminded me of the books that one of our Book Faeries gave us last year: Miss Twiggley’s Tree, and Andrew Henry’s Meadow.  I am beginning to find great hope for us all when there’s such a theme running through children’s literature of people living outside of civilization.
3.  Grandma Jane’s stories.  And poems.  And songs.  A little boy was too shy to appear to be listening, but he followed it all with an eager heart despite his quiet face.
4.  Dandelion wine
5.  New ideas blazing through

May we walk in Beauty.


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