Bad Mama and an IT Expert

Bad Mama Award for the day: Carrying the mousetrap full of dead mouse through the house without thinking.  We’ve been reading Brambly Hedge, for Pete’s sake!  “Why do you have to kill them?”  Many, many tears.  Shame.  I am so tired of finding mouse poop in my drawers.

Gratitude List:
1.  Heron hunched in the pond.  Here’s the picture: the pond is frozen over, and atop the ice is a fluffy layer of snow.  Except for the corner closest to the hillside, where the biggest spring empties into the pond.  There, in just one corner, is a spot free of ice where the great blue heron crouches for fishing in winter.  I love when it flies low over the house on its way to hunting.  I love the way it crouches expectantly in its pond-corner, like my own heart waiting for spring.
2.  That orange glow that filled the holler at sunset this evening
3.  Our 7-year-old IT guy.  I couldn’t figure out how to save things from the big PC to the cloud so that I can access them on the Chromebook.  “Oh, that’s easy, Mom.”  And he did it.  My seven-year-old has more computer savvy than I do.  As Jon says, he’s tapped into the technological noosphere.
4.  The outpouring of affection and compassion that seems to be bubbling all around.
5.  Finding time for the projects.

May we walk in Beauty.


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