Winter Wall

Today was the day for me.  I hit the winter wall.  I have been able to remain positive and relatively not-whiny so far, but today did me in.  I want to stay inside and sleep.  I had to do an awful lot of self-talk just to get myself out the door to go check on the chickens.

I don’t write this to be whiny or to beg for pity, but to place in context again the fact that sometimes I desperately need to find my way to gratitude.  And having practiced during the easy times definitely helps me to use the muscle in the days when it doesn’t come so easily.

Oh, but there’s always Beauty to find, even when I’m all curled up and cringing inside.

Gratitude List:
1.  Blue shadows on a white field.
2.  Bird footsteps and wing prints like hieroglyphic writing in the snow.
3.  Slippers and layers and the knee socks that I have turned into an extra pair of sleeves (these do an amazing job of keeping me warm).
4.  My many wise friends.  Wise and compassionate.  You.
5.  The sun is returning.  The sun is returning.  The sun is returning.

May we walk in Beauty.


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