Thunder Snow

Let it be known
that the chickadee and sparrow
were singing songs of spring today
as I dug myself out the tail end
of that first blizzard.

Gratitude List:
1.  Towhee at the feeder
2.  Mockingbird hanging out on the balcony
3.  Thunder snow–I know I have experienced it before, but the green lightning sort of threw me.  That was pretty exciting.
4.  The egg incident.  It’s on my gratitude list because it made me laugh today.  I started to shovel the drive this noon after I fed the hens and gathered the eggs.  There were four eggs, and somehow I forgot about them in the five minutes it took me to walk down the hill, and they were in the coat pocket on my right hip where I get a little extra leverage for tossing heavy loads of snow.  Yeah.  Egg soup in my pocket.  My coat needed a washing anyway.
5.  Reading Narnia with the boys.

May we walk in Beauty.


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