We Muddle Through

Gratitude List:
1.  The way gill-over-the-ground stands up in the holes in the snow made by my footprints, face to the sun, ready for greening.
2.  The way the swans winked in and out of my sight against the clouds, as though they were shifting between worlds.
3.  The way the house finch sat in the top of the maple and sang and sang its heart out to the sun.
4.  The way the willows are turning that pre-green yellow.
5.  These quotes from today:
“You have built a place in my story.”
“We muddle through with the wisdom and the courage that we have.”
6.  Courage.  Remembering that it is couer-age (heart, hearten, enheart).  I hear you speak your truth even when it is difficult and painful, when it’s hard to trust, when you’re angry, when you’re shy, when you don’t think you’ll find the right words–and it en-heart-ens me, en-couer-ages me.  Thank you for that gift.  You are so full of heartening courage.  I am incredibly grateful for the ways that you teach me.

So much love.
May we walk in Beauty.


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