Prayer Bundles

A couple years ago, as I was traveling down one of the internet’s rabbit trails, following the deeper definition of a word, I came across an idea that caught my attention and fired me up.  Like a dream that slips out of focus and disappears but still hangs at the edges of consciousness with an urgency, begging, “Remember me, remember me,” the word and the web page have eluded me as I have tried to run down the memory, to find the source of this idea.

Here is the basic premise: You gather a small grouping of interesting materials, pack them tightly into a smallish bundle, leave it out in the elements for a period of time, then bring it inside, unpack it, and make a work of art.

I have made little bundles in the past, little magic spells or prayers that help me to carry my intentions, to hold the dreams and visions that I am willing into being.  Then when the vision is complete, when the work is done, the bundle is returned to the elements.  But wouldn’t it be interesting to do a prayer bundle like those little art bundles, so that part of the prayer or magic involves exposing the bundle to the elements while I am working on the intention?

What if I gave my bundle to the transforming power of the sun’s fire as I am giving the vision the fire of my own energy?
What if I released my bundle to the working of water in rain as I release my own emotional attachments surrounding my desires?
What if I offered my bundle to the rich power of earth as I am willing my own dream to manifest itself?
What if gave my bundle to the changeable working of breezes as I am clarifying in my own thoughts the vision that I seek?

So.  Thursday is the first day of Spring, a time when we celebrate the hatchings and the first shoots of plants reaching above soil into sun.  I am going to begin a prayer bundle for this season, to see if it helps me to carry and transform my own vision of what I want to bring into my life in the next few months.  For me, the process will be about finding fulfilling work that uses my skills and creative impulses, and brings in the stabilizing element of greater financial security for my family.  Feel free to join me.  It might be a good way to focus a desire to rid oneself of an addiction, or to make a lifestyle change.  It might be a good way to help focus on the essentials, or on becoming more fully your own free self.  Here are some of the questions I am looking at for myself as I begin.  I plan to do some journal-writing about these in the next few days.

What is my heart’s desire in this season of my life?
Keeping in mind that who I am now is already good, what do I want to change, and why?
Where am I now on the journey?
What are some steps that I need to make in the concrete, real world in order to meet my goals?
I want to brainstorm a word or phrase that I can return to, like a prayer, like a mantra, to keep myself focused on what I am looking to accomplish.

Now, in the next few days, along with meditating and journalling about my goal, I am going to start gathering some materials.  Pieces of cloth to wrap the bundle.  String and yarn.  Images (from magazines or my own drawings) that represent my desire.  Small tokens or symbols.  Because part of my process in the next few months will be to decipher the particular vocational path that I want to follow, I think I will choose some items that represent my teaching certificate, my work history in the college setting, my farming work, poetry, editing, and my work at Radiance.  I also want to find some strong symbols to represent the work-family balance.  And perhaps a little something to represent prosperity.

On Thursday, I will wrap up the bundle and leave it outside for the spring season, to open up on May 1 and create a piece of artwork.  Join me?

Gratitude List:
1.  Liver and onions
2.  Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit
3.  The slant of sunlight in spring
4.  Successful Leprechaun traps
5.  Time to write and mull and brood

May we walk in Beauty.


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