When the Heart Rises

Today’s Prompt is a Two for Tuesday prompt: Write a love poem/write an anti-love poem.

When I said to you in that dream
that the sky was wandering over the hill,
what I meant was that I knew your heart
would always find its own true pathway.

When you replied that you would stay within earshot,
even if the wind tore your voice from you,
I knew that you meant that your heart
could be shattered and still your roots would thrive.

When I told you that I would be waiting
here, on this side of the great wooden door,
I know you understood that my heart
would be listening for your rising.

When you sang of the waters of Lethe,
how you longed to drink, but turned homeward,
I knew that you had given your heart,
like a Phoenix, to the story.


Gratitude List:
1.  I am not alone here
2. Breeze
3. Addressing fear
4. Palo santo
5. Stories of the moon

May we walk in Beauty!


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