This morning, intrepid geologists Joss and Mama went searching for shiny white quartzite and bits of cubic Goethite.  We took the train.  “Here we are at Africa!” announced the conductor, and we were off across the savannah, searching for treasure.  We stalked a wild leopard for quite some time, until it came and rubbed its head against our legs, so we decided to keep it as our pet.  We came back from our journey, our baskets brimming with shiny stones, with two twisty roots that we found in the plowed field, one warm chicken egg, a little twist of coyote fur, and enough chickweed, nettle and dandelion to make a lovely pesto. Oh, and the leopard came, too, and howled at the door until we let him in.

Today’s prompt is to title the poem the name of a color and then write the poem.


First is the fire of forsythia,
constantly enkindling in the April chill.
Second, is the eye of dandelion.
Third, the fluted trumpet of the daffodil.

Fourth, the sunny yolk within the egg
in the nest in the sycamore tree.
And last of all, the turmeric hue
of the pollen carried by the honeybee.


Gratitude List:
1. Orange: Anticipating Oriole.  Soon!  Soon!
2. Red: Magenta sunset
3. Violet: Windflower, crocus, grape hyacinth
4. Blue: Eye of speedwell, Bluebird’s comforting mutter
5. Green: Ah, green.  Yes.  Green.

May we walk in Beauty!

Book Cover   Song of the Toad

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What do you think?

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