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Yesterday’s prompt was to write a poem about family.

Down in the wetland
where the creeks divide
and reunite,

a pair of mallards dabbles
in the shallows
of the swiftest bubbling waterway.

Among the grasses
of a little pool nearby
twelve ducklings

dip and bob,
muddying the water.
Up on the grassy bank,

wide-eyed and watchful
a young snapping turtle
bides its time.


Gratitude List:
1. All the fragile, tender life of springtime.  How tenacious it so often is, against the odds.
2. Stories of holy surprise
3. Rebirth.  Every day.  Every leaf unfurling, every flower opening, every bee in a flower.
4. Reminders, no matter how painful, to strive, to become more compassionate, to open, to open, to open.
5. How a little of of practice, every day, begins to develop muscles: yoga, piano, memory, compassion, letting go. . .

May we walk in Beauty!



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