Imagining the Possibles

2014 April 014
I brought my little prayer bundle inside today.  It’s been six weeks since I put it out in the elements. Perhaps six months would give it more time to be changed by the weather.  There’s been some transformation–the watercolors leaked beautifully over the poetry.  I will try to put it into some sort of art project before long.  I enjoyed having that little bundle out there, reminding me of the work I was doing on looking for a job that will be both exciting for me and supportive of the family.  In a lovely bit of synchronicity, I spent the day following a job lead a friend sent me, filling out an application and gathering my materials to send.  I spent the day happily imagining this possibility.

April is over, but I’m still coasting on the poetry wagon:

Like Alice’s Red Queen
I’m not too fussed about
imagining six impossible things
before my morning routine.

It’s the possibles
that wear me out,
with their fluttery wings,
their trenchant glances.


Gratitude List:
1.  Gold, gold, gold is the color of May Day!  Two bright finches on the green hillside in the morning rain.  The golden tulips opening their hearts in the rain.  Michelle’s magic dandelion picture, a village of a flower.
2.  Walking each other home.  Really, how would I manage without a little help from my friends?
3.  We got the tomatoes under cover before the worst of the hail came through.  A clatter on the window of the first hailstones, and Jon was out the door like a flash, running in his mud boots through the barrage.  I ran after him–I stopped to take off my watch and my glasses first.  When we’d finished saving the tomatoes and were back at the house, with the big ones bouncing on the grass, I shook hailstones out of my hair.  I had hail in my hair!  I changed clothes, and came downstairs to find that Joss had prepared a blanket on the couch for me to warm up in.  I felt so cared for.
4.  A good lead.  A possible lead.  Hope.  Imagining the possible.
5.  Homemade hummus

May we walk in Beauty!


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