I’m just going to riff on some sounds this morning, I think, get a train of thought going down the track and see where it goes.  Don’t mind me.  It all began when a friend posted a photo of a coyote on my FB page this morning.  Who knows what will come of it?  Sort of like the day that is being born at the moment.  I might just try to riff my way through the day a little bit, too.  Here goes:

when you post the photo
of that lonesome fellow
coyote on the go

when you know
how that long road
leads to nowhere
to nowhere

when you venture
through the veils
in the center of your dreams
in the very seeming center
of your dreams

then you believe
then you know
that the answer
will not show itself
in words


Gratitude List:
1. Word play
2. Sense of impending rain
3. Good solid sleep
4. More than one possibility
5. Writing on the porch

May we walk in Beauty!


What do you think?

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