Today’s List

No, no. They aren’t ready yet.  But it’s nice to dream. . .

Gratitude List:
1.  Childcraft Encyclopedias.  One of my favorite rainy day activities when I was a kid was to lie on the floor and pore through Childcraft.  I had bought a set years ago at a book sale, and then donated it to the Waldorf school classroom where I’d been teaching. After I had children, I sort of regretted not keeping it, and I haven’t seen one on a sale since, until yesterday.  And the boys both love it, too.
2.  This early morning quiet
3.  Making progress on long-term projects
4.  Photos of friends with their marriage certificates
5.  Metamorphosis.  The seed, the caterpillar in chrysalis, the tadpole, the nymph: The life force works in tandem with forces of destruction.  Perhaps just at the moment when everything seems to be falling apart, collapsing in on itself or exploding into nothingness, suddenly the life force–which has been quietly at work all along–suddenly begins to take hold and shape and form spring forth.  Shiva and Vishnu together.

May we walk in Beauty!


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