Berries and Lettuce and Wholeness

Gratitude List:

1.  Mom’s cottage pudding with the last of last year’s frozen strawberries.  How did they last all year without being devoured?  Time to finish them up.  Jon brought the first of this year’s berries down the hill for us last night.
2. Speaking of Jon, he brought me a lettuce yesterday.  A beautiful, ruffly lettuce, which he put into a green mug like a bouquet and set on the table.  The dining room and kitchen smelled gently of lettuce for the evening–cool, spring green.
3. You know that feeling when you’re talking to someone and they reflect back to you something you’ve said, and you know with a flash of delight that here is someone who “gets” you?  That.  My cousin Karen provided that for me yesterday, and it filled me.  Sometimes when you meet someone out of the blue on the path, you get sweet little friendly chatter, and that is good, but this conversation left me with words and ideas to play with, to integrate, to ponder, and a comforting sense of being known.
4. It’s hard to live out of my deepest center sometimes.  But I am grateful for that to strive for, to keep moving inward.  But knowing how that inward journey is a journey outward as well.  I don’t know if that quite makes sense when it finds its way into words, but I am grateful for it.
5. Somehow, when I see you striving for wholeness, it makes me more whole.  That mystery.  I am grateful for that.

May we walk in Beauty!


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