Essay Question

This one comes out of my meditations about teaching this coming fall.

In five well-planned paragraphs
clear yet profound
concise yet detailed
answer one or all of these questions:

What will you do with your
(I’m stealing this one–
extra credit for the author’s name)
one wild and precious life?

What is the one thing
that you will do
(heads up, another theft–
more extra credit
for author and book title)
to make the world
a more beautiful place?

What I really mean to ask is,
how will you make a difference?
How will the world become
more marvelous,
more magical,
more whole,
more perfect,
because the one and only You
has been added to its equation?


Gratitude List:
1.  Meeting up with an old friend after 24 years, and starting the conversation as though we’d been chatting all along.  (Of course, FB has been part of the continuing conversation in recent years.)
2.  Spending an evening in the city.  Sometimes countryfolk need to become cityfolk for an evening.
3.  Flatbread pizza at the Fridge.  Delicious.
4.  Today.  What possibilities it holds!
5.  Libraries.  This one is painful, too, because I am aware of how local libraries are losing funding at a tremendous rate.  Libraries are magical places, and they’re there for everyone, no matter the size of your bank account.  Access to information and education and knowledge.  And the people who run them are super-heroes.  Really.

May we walk in Beauty!


What do you think?

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