Wish for Light

“If you wish for light, be ready to receive light.” ~ Rumi 

Gratitude List:
1. Unfolding
2. Uncertainty, and the way it draws me to trust, faith.  The way it tilts me out of my comfort zone and throws me into a new space.  (Six weeks ago, I would not have imagined being grateful for uncertainty.  That shift, itself, is something I am grateful for.)
3. Bridging
4. Continuing the line, keeping the patterns going, but adding my own lines, my own colors.
5. That thing that happens when you talk to someone and you realize that you’ve both grabbed the same word or idea in the past week or day, that you’re in very similar places of creative shift or idea birthing, that you’re waking up to the same things at the same time.  Synchronicity squared.  A take-off-your-shoes-this-is-holy-ground sort of meeting.  That.

May we walk in Beauty!


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