Life is full and busy these days with the start of the farming season.  I have been wanting to just dash off some quick morning tankas to keep my heart in the game.  And I will.  But there’s a poem boiling inside me at the moment and I keep trying to get it going these mornings, but it doesn’t seem to want to find its full form, or it feels too maudlin, or too angry, or too easily misunderstood.  Poems are like people, I guess.  Some just want to hang by the door for a while before they come in.  This is a percolating time for poems.

Lately I have been listening to Kate Tempest every chance I get.  I’ve always been enamored of the word play and rhythms of hip hop and rap.  The noise of the music that sometimes drowns the words, the sometimes misogynistic or violent lyrics, have kept me from exploring the art form with too much intention.  I know that there are some really bright and revolutionary hip hop artists but I haven’t made an effort to seek them out.  And here comes poet Kate Tempest, who started as a hip hop artist and has taken the stage as a leader in Spoken Word poetry.  I am utterly mesmerized by her words and her style.  I feel like a little kid hearing something for the first time.

Look her up.  Then look up Sarah Kay.  Then Hollie McNish.  Then Andrea Gibson.  Then look up Shane Koyczan, especially his poem “To This Day.”

Gratitude List:
1. Blooming Milkweed!  Blessings on the Monarchs.  Blessings on the bees.
2. The sounds of early morning birdsong, even though it wakes me up and leaves me drowsy for the day.
3. Kids and adults working together.
4. Finishing a puzzle.  I love doing puzzles, the way they make my mind work.  I often feel as though I am solving internal puzzles while I am working on a jigsaw
5. Spoken Word Poets

May we walk in Beauty!


2 thoughts on “Between

  1. BLOOMING MILKWEED! Yes! They are little worlds in of themselves.

    (It needs a more respectful name though. Weed, in of itself, seems degrading. How about, BLOOMING ASCLEPIAS SYRIACA! Now I just need to learn how to pronounce it.)


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