Choosing Sides

I had to write this little tanka after a challenging conversation this week.  I suppose it isn’t as simple as this says it.  But perhaps it is.  I can have sympathy for the anxiety of the people of Israel in the face of Hammas’s break of cease-fire.  I can long for the safety and peace of the Palestinians, to live in their own homes with their olives trees, unmolested.  But we have seen repeatedly how taking up arms to try to solve this problem does nothing but destroy the lives of innocent civilians.

What good will it do
to say I am on this side:
Israel or Hammas?
Either choice appears to be
the side against the children.


Gratitude List:
1. Sage.  The color, the plant, the scent, the magic.
2. A letter of encouragement from a former teacher.
3. Listening to your story.  Telling you mine.
4. The way the food the earth provides perfectly nourishes our bodies.  That symbiosis.
5. The anxious piping of a young red-tailed hawk from over in the the locust grove.  She is telling my story, too.
Oh, little wing-friend!  I, too, fear to fledge.  But won’t our flight be glorious?  Oh so glorious!

May we walk in Beauty!


What do you think?

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