Share Your Gifts

Gratitude List:

1.  Mara hugs.  Finally.  Mara has been my good friend for a couple of years now.  It was Mara who gave me the courage to actually call myself a poet, to publish, to take my work seriously.  She has helped me learn language for expressing deeper emotion.  I stole from her this gratitude practice, which has become such a key for me.  And yesterday, I got to see her eyes, feel her hugs, hear her voice, watch how she speaks.  So grateful for this friendship.  For the sharing of gifts, back and forth, for Kyla and Dylan.
2.  Gift of a Great Blue Heron feather.  With such a feather in my hair, I will stand tall and watchful, I will fly brightly, I will speak with an ancient voice.
3.  Pink dawn on the hills and the River valley as I drive to school in these early mornings.  Mist rising from the River, from the fields.  Magic.
4.  Moving more deeply into the role of teacher.  So much more than teaching prepositional phrases and independent clauses.  Watching, learning to watch, for the webs between them, tending the social web.  Reading of their dreams, precious as eggs.  I fall in love with them every day, exhausting as they can be.
5.  And then there’s Mara again.  How do you thank someone who, whether she knew she was doing  it or not, has handed you your own voice on a plate and said, “Here.  Try it.”

May we walk in Beauty!  Namaste.


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