Maple’s gone, mostly
but oak and larch remain,
leathery leaves waiting
waiting for the strongest gusts
to send them whirling.

Sycamore beside the creek
raises her naked arms skyward.

My own leaves skitter about my feet
and my limbs feel the coming chill,
the dearth of birdsong.
But oh, the sky above me
and the ground that holds me here.

Gratitude List:
1. Yesterday’s eclectic Music Chapel at school.  This school has talent.
2. The hens have a new home.  I am so sad to say goodbye to my girls, but I know that I could no longer take care of them properly through winter with my new schedule.
3. I found my hats.
4. The drive to create.
5. Autumn is feeling like autumn now.

May we walk in Beauty!



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