Poem: Advent 3



“There is a crack in everything.
That’s how the light gets in.”  –Leonard Cohen

This is how it is with brokenness
says the Mender of Pots:
The piece I placed so perfectly
to match that graceful curve,
and glued in place with confidence–

I had to break it off again
to make its neighbor fit.
Sometimes to reach the second stage
the first must be undone.
Heal and break, heal and break,
and heal again.

Sometimes the glue won’t hold.
Sometimes a shard will settle downward as it dries.
Sometimes the smallest pieces fall to powder.

The end result
will not resemble
the bowl that first was broken.

Light leaks through the lacy spaces.

the shape begins to once again
resemble the initial form
and the heart responds
with joy.


Gratitude List:
1.  Mending.  And breaking and mending.  And breaking and mending.  Necessary work.
2.  Light leaking through the lacy spaces.
3.  Yesterday’s brilliant student concert at LMH.  My colleagues in the music department are inspiring, and the students are incredibly gifted.
4.  I know that the sun is out there somewhere.  It will return.  It will return.
5.  How your words feed me, how they return me to myself.  May we always know the words to offer each other.  Like bread.  Like gifts.

May we walk in Beauty!


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