Gratitude List:
1. Snow geese.  In the distance, it looks like a flock of Canadas, but there’s something less substantial about them, leaner, longer in the wing–and their silhouettes are just a little lighter in the blue.  Then they flash in the sun and you see the white, and the onyx wingtips.  The turning of wheel into spring is real when the sojourners begin their trek homeward.
2. The great horned owls are out there calling each other.
3. I never did write about that Full Moon last Tuesday, how it was hanging over the edge of the horizon as I drove out the driveway in the morning, and how, when I cleared the top of the ridge, it suddenly seemed to leap into the sky.
4. I am grateful for the way my church values children.  Participation in services, rituals and rites of passage, and Child Protection Policy.  A whole Sunday service and sermon given to the need to have a strong and sound Child Protection Policy.
5. Walking around the farm this afternoon with my little scientist, photographing animal tracks and scat.
6. Singing a sick child to sleep.
7. Balance.  Form and Freedom.  Structure and Creative License.  I had some really good discussions last Friday with several of my classes about rules, why we need them, why we sometimes need to break them.  About extrinsic and intrinsic motivations for ethical behavior.  About consequences and responsibility.  I have some wise, wise people in my life, and many of those wise folks are under the age of twenty.

May we walk in Beauty.


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