The Working Poem

Today’s prompt is to write a work poem:

The form of this poem is a little inspired by Charles Wright’s “The New Poem“:

This poem is a workhorse,
pulling the plow of the mind
across the blank and endless
field of the white page.

This poem works in a factory,
fitting the intricate parts together,
oiling them when needed,
and making the engines purr.

This poem will come to your rescue,
on call and ready to rush,
sirens blasting and red lights flashing,
to pull you from the wreckage.

This poem will broker your deals,
edge out the competition,
and buy up your stocks
when you need a little boost.

This poem will be your nanny,
wiping snotty noses
and baking oatmeal cookies.
(But it draws the line at changing diapers.)

You can count on this poem
to do the tasks you set it,
to come when called,
to maintain your filing system,
to vacuum the rugs.

Give it a bonus at the holidays,
and weekends off,
and it will be loyal
as long as you need it.


Gratitude List:
1. The poets and storytellers of the Spoken Word Festival #13.  What an honor to speak poetry with all these wise and thoughtful voices.  And for Daina and Marie who create this work of art each year.
2. The eager and fierce and thoughtful and considerate conversation of freshmen when they get a chance to discuss real-life issues.
3. Watching students come alive with a poetry game.
4. How stringing these sounds and symbols together makes a meaning.  What a miracle is language!
5. Resolve.

May we walk in Beauty!


What do you think?

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