Tonight’s prompt is to write a poem about a season:

I am not going to write a poem tonight.
This dog of the seasons, who waits
between winter and spring
to spring out from nowhere,
teeth bared and fur on end.

So I won’t be writing a poem tonight.
Instead I”ll write a recipe:
30 mL of Dayquil
2 zinc tablets
two droppers of Elderberry tincture
and sleep.


Gratitude List:
1. Adrenaline.  Got me through tonight, and will get me through tomorrow.
2. Sleep–most powerful elixir.  Nine times out of ten, it works for me.
3. Those poets and storytellers!  I love performing among them.  I love the deliberate and careful spoken word.
4. Forsythia is just starting to bloom!  Another thing to keep me liking my neighbor–so much yellow comes to him in daffodils and forsythia, it must be a message to me to be kind in my thoughts.
5. Josiah’s book.  While it can be draining because he is always begging us to write sentences in it, i love how excited he has been about making his own book.  And he keeps adding and adding and adding to it.
6. The people who are keeping vigil at Chiefs’ Hill today and tonight and tomorrow to grieve the bulldozers on sacred Native American burial grounds.
7. I just lost this entire post, but the computer had automatically saved the draft.  Yay for Autosave!

May we walk in Beauty!


What do you think?

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