Today’s prompt is authority.  I decided to do an acrostic.  I wrote this on I-95, on our way home from a wonderful museum trip to Washington DC this evening.

Always there’s someone saying what they think you ought to do: the
Undertaker, the Poet, the Preacher, the Farmer, the Witch.
There’s never any time to really decide to switch your
Horses there in mid-stream, or, for that matter,
On the bank.  Someone’s always in a flutter,
Railing at you to follow their own plan
In perfect detail.  It never gives you
Time to live it for

Gratitude List:
1. Peregrines.  I saw two falcon-y birds on the way to DC this morning.  Perhaps they were only some sort of accipiter, but they made me think of peregrines.
2. Driving into spring.  Only 45 minutes from home, we were already into much fuller foliage.  Red bud trees.  Forsythia along the highways.  And Maryland plants daffodils everywhere along I-83!
3. Deciding to look into the National Gallery for a moment and stumbling on all those Monets and Cezannes and Manets and Gaugins, Cassatts and Morisots.  I knew they were there, of course, and I’ve never raced through them quite the way we did today, but it was a treat to see them with the small people, even if they did act bored.
4. The Air and Space Museum.  Learning more about the moon landing, about the Space Shuttle program, about the ISS.  I hope my boys aren’t going to sign up for a trip to Mars.
5. Riding the Metro with the boys.  “My favorite part of the train ride,” says Youngest, “was the ‘Step back.  Doors closing.'”

May we walk in Beauty, with cherry blossoms falling all around.


What do you think?

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