Strange Bedfellows

How appropriate!  The prompt for today–and I am not making this up–is to take a word or phrase that was coined by Shakespeare, use it as the title, and then write a poem.  I am in a sort of Shakespeare heaven right now.  Just a couple weeks out from Julius Caesar with the Sophomores, in the middle of Midsummer Night’s Dream with the Freshmen, and just finished a weekend ushering for an excellent student production of The Tempest.  I love being back in academia.  Again, this is a quick poem at the end of a long weekend, a placeholder until I find my way back to these in another couple months.

Strange Bedfellows

Misery acquaints a man–
acquaints a woman, too–
with the oddest of companions,
a fishy-smelling monster
to accompany you through thunders
or a drunken butler
singing to his ukulele.

No matter, there are lessons
in the associations, and sadder
to miss the chance to learn
how much we have in common
than to wander the island alone.


Gratitude List:
1. Shakespeare.  I know.  I am obsessed.  I am compiling a list of reasons why your child needs to study Shakespeare to put into an article the next time I have some breathing space to research and write.  Meanwhile, after having watched the LMH production of The Tempest with me last night, Joss (6yo) corrected my Shakespeare reference.  I thought I was quoting Stefano as I drank my smoothie, “That’s a scurvy tune to play at a funeral.  Well, here’s my comfort!” But Joss interrupted me: “No, Mom.  It’s ‘That’s a scurvy tune to play at a man’s funeral.'”  Can you see me smiling?  We’ll work on the sublimer references another day.  For now, they want to play Stefano and Trinculo.  And no wonder.
2. Every single song Lynn led at church this morning, and Michelle’s reminder to consider what it means to be a community.
3. The children have neighborhood friends to play with.  It’s a dangerous hill between us, so we have to walk or drive them to each others’ houses, but they’re making friends in the community, and so–I guess–are we.  That’s a good feeling–to know more of the neighbors.  This is because they go to the local public school.  I don’t know if I’ll ever feel like I am not an outsider at their school, but it’s good to be getting to know some people, and at least two families within a mile.
4. Rumors of a snake in the attic.  I know, but I would love to have a black snake keeping down the potential rodent populations.  The two kindergartners came downstairs today with a story of having seen a rattlesnake.  I figured they must have seen a black snake.  The more reasonable dad-figure supposes it was wires and cables.  Still, it’s a lovely little witchy idea, to imagine one has a snake in the attic.  Feels like a blessing.
5. This breath.  And this one.

May we walk  in Beauty!


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