Blessings (one)

School is over.  I have just returned from a three-day mostly-solitude retreat at a local monastery.  I have so much to write.  This blog goes from nearly silent to clamorsome (I just made up that word), which is a little the reverse of my daily life, which has gone from delightfully clamorsome (and exhaustingly so) to expansively contemplative.

Before I re-weave the things I wrote at the monastery, I must write the blessings that my students wrote in the last week of school.  I asked everyone in three of my classes to each write a line of blessing which I then put together into a single blessing, which gained intensity and power by the sense of the gathered voices all contributing to the benediction on our year.

Here is the first, from one class (which seemed to fixate on the coming summer).  I have taken the liberty of arranging them.  When I read them to the class, they were in random order; I just gathered them, shuffled them, and read it out.

Summer is almost here.  The school year is almost over.
May you have fun this summer.
May you have a super-duper summer.
May you have a great summer holiday.
May your summer days be happy and bright.
My wish is that you will have a fun but safe summer,
and that I will see you all next year.
May the dust settle and the sun start shining.
Blessings to you as the world extends its arms open to you.
For years and years of endless amounts of success,
leading to years and years of wealth and endless relaxation.
May you know where you want to go, and who you want to be.
My wish is that you find joy and comfort everywhere you go.
As the stars are far, may your journey be farther.
May you have many hardships,
so you can know how strong you are.
May life go on for you.  Be happy–
I know it won’t be easy,
but there are people who want you to be happy.
Don’t be happy if you aren’t.
Don’t smile if you can’t.
Cry if you have to.
May you find pleasure in your tasks.
May the sun kiss your cheeks and bring you life.
Be blessed by the smiles of children.
May you have the best future.
May your life be full of joy and happiness.
May your days be full of memories and laughter.

Walk in Beauty!


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