Solstice Rain


Photo by Lauren Liess

I know I have posted already once today, and I do not want to exhaust anyone who may be following these words, but I want to begin daily gratitude lists again for a time.  I need specific spiritual disciplines to follow throughout the shifty days of summer.  I need gratitude to help me wade through the current darkness.  I need the juxtaposition of words and ideas to prompt deeper poetry.

Gratitude List:
1. Solstice Rain
2. and Thunder
3. Mimosa abloom
4. and Magnolia
5. Wayside wildflowers*

May we walk in Beauty!

*chicory, day lily, Queen Anne’s lace, hag’s taper, buttercup, bladderwort

(It’s all nature today, but you are in there, too if you look closely, you and your eye clear as chicory, your heart a-flame like the day lily, your blooming, blooming self.  You know that love has the last word, right?  Always has.  Always will.  We’re all going to make it through this one, too.)


What do you think?

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