Belly Laughs and Fairy Houses

Gratitude List:
1.  Talking through the ancestors: “Didn’t Uncle Paul look exactly like Great-Grandpa Lauver?”  “That photo of Mammy Weaver looks just like Whistler’s Mother.”  “Fancy hats?  Since when did Mennonite women in Great-Grandma’s day wear fancy hats?”
2.  The evening of Chaotic Flying Things.  This was actually last night, but I am putting it down with today’s list because it was part of the Riotous Cousin-Fest of the past two days.  My father collects interesting things that fly: gliders, slingshot airplanes, kites. . .  We spent that lovely evening last evening throwing things through the air.  The chimney swifts joined in, and a jet flew over, some small planes, too, and a hot air balloon.
3.  Cousins.  Did I say this was a weekend of Cousin-Fest?  I have had several of those lately, and this weekend was just marvelous.  My own cousin Karen from Ohio, and the kids playing with their cousins: hide-n-seek, card games, goofing off and hanging out.
4.  Building Fairy Houses.  This caught fire.  The small cousins saw the fairy house at the sycamore tree on Goldfinch Farm, and they made a tiny village of fairy houses in the woods at Mimi and Pawpaw’s house.
5.  Belly Laughs.  That game of I Doubt It/Bull/Baloney was just hilarious.  I love trying to lie to people, and trying to guess what they’re doing.How long has it been since I have had such a healing dose of uncontrollable, giddy laughter?

So much love.  So much love.  Walk in Beauty!


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