Refining the Questions

I have been refining my questions today, and thinking about this process.   I have been reading about education in the last few weeks–about educating the intellect and the spirit and the emotions.  I realize that when I phrase questions like, “What do you feel?  What do you sense?  What do you think?”  I understand the surface meaning, but there’s a boxy feel to it.  I feel like those questions will trap my words, somehow.  I want to ask myself those questions, but they need to have a more fluid grace, an ability to slide and flow into many boxes.  These might work better.  I’m still connecting a bit to some of St. Ignatius’ questions, but sliding sideways into my own.

How have you been met by Mystery today?
Walking into the room of myself.
Exploring names for God.

What awakens you?
A golden finch flying across my path and upward into blue.

What sits in your heart?
The satisfaction and anxiety of holding vigil for people I love.  Being a watcher.
Frustration at the work it took to complete an assignment today–that can build in me compassion for my students in the coming year.

What nudges you forward?
Plans, projects, art.

How will you step into tomorrow?
I will write my goals for the rest of the summer, and include play and art on the list.

May we walk in Beauty!


What do you think?

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