Heat and Happiness

Yesterday tended to be a little overwhelming in so many ways.  Mostly in that joyous, sort of out-of-body way that happens at any marvelous beginning.  It was delightful to be back in that garden of shining flowers, all those eager and timid and excited and anxious faces.  Each one carrying a web of associations and connections.

The heat, also, was overwhelming.  I think of myself as pretty tough in a hot situation, but it did almost conquer me by seventh period.   I need to drink more, I suppose.  The thought of adding another fan on top of my air conditioning unit and my other fan makes my voice ache.  I need to do some more strategizing about how to manage it.  I’ll use the computer labs every time they’re free, for one, though students tend to focus on the computer rather than on the other types of work when we’re in the labs.

Gratitude List:
1. There might be rain today–perhaps a break in the heat?
2. All those beautiful faces.
3. Being in a place where the work is the Work.
4. Beginning with a three-day week–slow starts.
5. My own children seem to have had a wonderful start to their year, too.

May we walk in Beauty!


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