Morning Glories and You




Gratitude List:
1. The electric color of those morning glories.  Vivid.  Dazzling.  Heart-stopping.
2. Yesterday morning at about this time, Joss and I were hanging out in the living room, like we are now, and he looked at the balcony window beside my head and gasped.  Mama Hummingbird was hovering outside, looking in at us.  (Bonus gratitude: weekend mornings with my boy.  I write.  He plays trains.)
3. How people hold each other in times of tragedy.
4. Having so many opportunities to do the things I love to do.
5. You and You and You.  You inspire me so much.  Even (or especially) when you say you don’t think you’re very strong, because you’re stronger than you realize.  Trust me on that.  You’re a survivor.  You are truly resilient, and it shows, even when it doesn’t feel like it to you.  You make that decision every day to do the one thing you know to do.

May we walk in Beauty.  Beauty Ever Ancient, Ever New.


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