Day After


I’m a little too early for Brewer’s prompt this morning, so I’ll do one of my catch-ups.  The first day of November, he suggested a Day After Poem.

After the storm
the quiet
the twinkling hush
the pause

Then the sigh,
the quickly in-drawn breath

and then the straightening
the resolve–
first the spine
and then the inner image:

This is what needs to be done.
This is where the road goes.
This is how we carry on.


I also missed the United/Divided poem:

It is all about
the process of mitosis:
we will replicate
the past–doggedly, with zeal,
and then evolve the new way.


(Mockingbird says that I am not allowed to make comments about mediocrity at the moment, but I don’t always listen to mockingbird.  Meh.)


Gratitude List:
1. Yesterday’s children’s story.  I don’t think I have ever before gotten teary about the water cycle.  “Let the wind carry you, little stream.”
2. Resolve.
3. Stories at lunch yesterday.
4. Sumac / gingko / oak
5. Great horned owls calling from the poplar tree.

May we walk in Beauty!


What do you think?

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