Erf. Today’s prompt is to write a technology/anti-technology poem. I love to rant about technology, but I don’t know if I can whip up a poem about it in the fifteen minutes before I have to leave for school.  It’ll have to be a place-holder.

See how it serves you?
The world at your fingertips,
and that such a thrill
that we miss the cliche.

See how it frees you?
All that you need
right there in your hand.
You’re never more
than the press of a button
away from work or diversion,
but the one who breathes beside you
is now a thousand clicks away.

Gratitude List:
1. How the valleys and hollows hold the early morning mist
2. How people hold each other
3. How eyes shine with a new idea
4. How the work just gets done
5. How the air comes alive when the children sing

May we walk in Beauty!


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