Playing Nicely Together

rough beast
This is an old photo.  Winky is no longer with us, and I miss her.  For some reason, she loved to sleep in the nativity scene.  Fred did, too, but now he seems content to curl up underneath the tree.

Gratitude List:
1. Sometimes those kids play so beautifully together.  Yesterday afternoon, for almost an hour, they played the dreidel game together without fighting, without yelling.  Let’s all try to play nicely together too, shall we?
2. Salmon sunset in the hollow last night.
3. Untangling old patterns.  Drawing new ones.
4. Owls.  Most mornings I hear them as I am working here quietly.  May there always be great horned owls in the wood.
5. The week ahead.  May it be filled with satisfying work, powerful ideas, and loving connections.

May we walk in Beauty!


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