Lettuce turnip the beet
Visual pun: Lettuce turnip the beet.  (Heehee.)

Gratitude List:
1. Driving beneath a veritable cloud of gulls as I crossed the River into sunset last evening.
2. Sometimes the world brings the test of the thing I am learning–at the exact right moment.
3. Learning to live round–so you can turn yourself toward all.
4. The “rock-tumbler of community.”  –Cynthia Bourgeault
5. (A reprise from last year) The Motherline:
I am Beth Weaver-Kreider,
daughter of Ruth Slabaugh Weaver,
daughter of Lura Lauver Slabaugh,
daughter of Mary Emma Graybill Lauver,
daughter of Elizabeth Shelley Graybill,
daughter of Lydia Gingrich Shelley,
daughter of Elizabeth Light Gingrich,
daughter of Mary Dohner Light,
daughter of Anna Landis Dohner,
daughter of Fronica Groff Landis,
daughter of Susanna Kendig Orendorf Groff,
daughter of Elsbeth Meili Kundig (?),
daughter of Anna Barbara Bar Meili,
daughter of Barbara Biedermann Bar (born 1580 in Hausen, Switzerland)

Salaama.  Salaam.  Shalom.  Paz. Walk in Peace.


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