Bold Counsel


Last night’s sleep was broken and convoluted.  Fredthecat started yowling at 3:30 (he has been much better lately so we had started letting him stay inside), so I went down and helped him out.  That disturbed a somewhat distressing dream: I was in school, in my classroom, and I heard a woman and a young child coming down the hall.  The child was in full tantrum and the woman was yelling.  Just outside my room, I heard the sound of the woman slapping the child.  I rushed to the door to try to intervene.  When I opened it, the child was standing quietly watching the mother, who was incredibly distraught in her abject shame and mortification at what she had done.  That’s when the yowling woke me up.  <Perhaps, the work is to help each other learn to live beyond our shame, so we become less bound to our reactive instincts.>

At 5:30, I was awakened by the sound of a trombone playing the Star Wars theme (we had told them not to come into our room and wake us up before 7:00, but we hadn’t specified that no one should play the trombone downstairs).  The dream that shattered was much sweeter and more tender.  We had gotten a new kitten, bright orange with black stripes, like a tiger.  I remember thinking that this was not an actual tiger cub, but in my waking space, I now re-call the image, and it was a very stocky kitten, and very tiger-like.  I was in the process of thinking of its name when I woke up.


Because the comforting character of my dreams in previous nights had told me zir* name was Conrad, I looked that up this morning.  How incredibly appropriate!  Conrad comes from old German, and means “bold counselor.”  This week, I have been the recipient of such good and wise counsel from people I respect.  I love when the pieces fit together so seamlessly.

*zir: one of options for a non-gendered third person possessive pronoun.  While Conrad’s name is usually used for males, the Conrad presence in my dreams seems to need to not be attached to a gender.

Gratitude List:
1. Sleeping until 7 (sort of) and waking up to the children
2. Bold counsel
3. The Festival of 9 Lessons and Carols, and the new refugee carol
4. More dreams, more images, more stories.
5. The time of rest begins.

May we walk in Peace, in Hope, in Love–and always–in Beauty!


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