Inside Out

2014 April 119

Thoughts from watching Inside Out:
Fear and anger and disgust can be really unhelpful in the decision-making process, but they’re there to help protect us.
Sometimes you need to sit awhile with sadness before you can go chasing after joy.

Gratitude List:
1. Inside Out.  The movie.  I thought the title meant that it was about seeing a person from the inside out.  I didn’t realize that it might also mean that it would turn me inside out.  I was a whimpering mess by the end.  Sigh.  But I came out hyper-aware of the emotional state of my children.  This will be good for my parenting.  I love this movie.
2. The long black fingers at the ends of the wings of the crows.  I have been flexing my hands like crows’ wings all day yesterday.
3. Rice and curry dinner, figgy pudding, and singing.
4. Most of the family sitting on that big wrap-around couch.  Perhaps the world ends here, when we are lounging and snuggling and giggling and sleeping all together. (Reference to Joy Harjo’s kitchen table.)
5. Talking it through.  Wise counsel.  Wise women.

May we walk in Wisdom.


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