Going Away, Coming Home

When I wake in the night, I usually catalog the dreams I have just been having, so that they stick around a little longer in the morning.  It’s sort of like the process that grade-schoolers do in language arts: What’s the main idea?  What is the controlling image?  Then usually, I can sort of grab it in the morning before it floats away.  It didn’t work this morning.  Back in my own bed after several nights away–and my bones are aching lots these day–there was quite a bit of waking up.  I know that I was telling myself many interesting stories in the night, but they have all dissipated in the fresh morning.  I feel as though I already know the word that I will be gleaning from my dreams for the coming year, but I don’t yet want to close the door to possibility.  Not until Epiphany.

One of my new Facebook friends also chooses a yearly word or image to frame her meditations for the coming year.  She crowd-sourced a list to choose from on Facebook.  It was exciting to read people’s choices.  Some of my favorites: threshold, rise, growth, renew, phoenix, explore, ground, roots, claim, rebirth, reestablish, blossom, exuberance, adapt, fear not, voyage, blessed, hospitality. . .  Perhaps I ought to just write the whole list in my notebook for daily meditations.


I am realizing again how easy it is to get out of the practice of poetry.  I need to re-figure in these days how I can once again step into the stream.  I will be starting to teach a Creative Writing class at school in a couple weeks (I feel a little as though I have been living my whole writer’s life for this), and I may try to hang some of my own writing disciplines on this course.  It would be good modeling for the students, if I am writing as well.

Gratitude List:
1. Going away to celebrate with family, but also coming home again.
2. Making plans for new ways to stay organized and on top of things.
3. This week coming.  Like time out of time.
4. Texture and textile.
5. I am still living with the residual lessons of that movie, Inside Out.  I am grateful that a cute little movie can reach inside and and pull out my guts.  (Sorry. That was a little graphic.  But it hit me pretty hard.)

May we walk in Beauty, with Wisdom and Awareness.


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