The Whole World is on the Wing

Joss and Cedar
Yesterday we went on a walk to look for beautiful things to photograph.  When I raised my camera to take a picture of this cedar tree that I love, he slipped right in there: “You take a picture of me with the tree, and then I will take one of you.”

You know how sometimes you see one of those huge flocks of birds wheeling over a field–crows or gulls or geese–and then you notice, in the distance, another flock behind it somewhere in the sky?  One of the dreams last night was of a sky full of birds: flocks and flocks and flocks.  My dream-vision was wide-angle.  There were birds above the River, close-up and way off in the distance, in the fields and over the town, high in the sky, between and above and behind the clouds.  And this phrase came to me in the dreaming: “The whole world is on the wing.”

Gratitude List:
1. The Magnificat: “My soul is filled with joy.”
2. Repeated references, everywhere I turn, to “the beloved community.”
3. Wings.
4. Yesterday’s Nap (worthy of an initial capital)
5. Walking in Beauty.

May we walk in Beauty!


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