The Gift of Today


Gratitude List:
1. Today.  What a gift.  Here’s another one, with all the same hours as yesterday.  And tomorrow, another one will come.
2. Good Work.  English teachers tend to fuss a bit about the stacks of grading (and I have a massive stack of last semester’s papers to finish in the precious hours of today), but it’s Good Work.  Meaningful.
3. Nourishment.  Nurture.  I want to ponder those words a little.  What are the shades of difference in their meanings?  How are they similar?
4. Laughter.  One of my mentors in a previous teaching job once told me, “Make them laugh every day.”  I think that applies to families and friends and oneself as much as to the classroom.  Laugh every day.
5. Clearing out.  We are working on getting rid of 2016 things from our house in 2016.  It’s a real challenge, about 39 things a week, 168 things a month.  And it feels good.  It also makes me more aware of not bringing in more stuff.
6. The sun has just lifted over the ridge and into the kitchen window.  Hello, Bright Friend.

May we walk in Beauty!


What do you think?

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