Digging Out

Gratitude List:
1. The Good Samaritan
2. in his red pickup with a snowplow
3. who drove by on his way to a plowing job as I was trying to tackle this 3.5-foot wall of compressed snow


4. and turned it into this:
taking HOURS of work off our plates.
5. The shining blue at the heart of the snowbank
6. Sending in first semester’s grades.  Every few months, I get this marvelous sense of completion when I send in the grades for a completed semester: that chapter is closed.  Now I can focus on this one.  Sure, there’s often a trial by fire in the last days before grades are due, when I don’t know if I’ll get it all done in time, but it is satisfying to meet the deadline.  And of course, there’s the earnest pledge to myself to create more reasonable end-of-semester grading next time (I think I can manage it this semester!).

May we walk in Beauty!
Take care of each other!


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