Beads, Like Grace

EWK 4 001

Slipping into the arms of an old friend,
I pulled back to look in her shining eyes,
and my beads went skittering over the floor,
heart beads, rose quartz and green aventurine,
so much that has been held back
no longer contained,
scattering like grace
and into every corner
ready to be found
by you.

Gratitude List:
1. Beads scattering everywhere, shattering something that needed to be opened
2. Time to just hang out with my colleagues last night, and meet potential new students
3. Weekends
4. This red woven scarf–recycled silk saris.  What life did they live before?  Who was beautiful in these shining threads?
5. The sun is returning.  (Blessed be.)

May we walk in Beauty!


2 thoughts on “Beads, Like Grace

    • Thank you for pointing that out. It was a gift from a student, bought from Ten Thousand Villages, so it is at least a boost toward economic sustainability for women. I want to look up the producers at the Ten Thousand Villages site and learn more. Thanks for the inspiration.


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