You Have Always Known

2013 May 032

You have always known what dawn has to offer you,
what the new-born crescent of a moon
hanging above the oaks on the hillside
wants to tell you about your birth,
how you are born every minute
re-cast, re-formed, re-molded
from the stuff of the which
the stars are made.

You have always known what the owls meant
when they called you out of dreaming
with their shadowy conversations
to listen with your whole body
to their fierce song of desire
that pulls you like tides
into this holy breath
of the day’s longing.

You have always known how it would be here
how this taste of daily incarnation
would ignite those inner bonfires
that keep you always burning,
always longing, always open
to fierce and tender winds
that call your soul awake
into the dawning.

Gratitude List:
1. Words of courage and conviction and challenge.
2. Keeping the hands open.  Avoiding the closed fist.
3. How they laughed while watching Pippi Longstocking.
4. How we’re all in this together.  You do your part, I do mine, and they’ll do theirs, and it all gets put together to make for a new thing in the world.
5. The little breaks and graces that add up to mean more than they mean.  How that makes the coping and muddling all more workable.

May we walk in Beauty!


2 thoughts on “You Have Always Known

  1. … what is it about yesterday and today??
    Powerful and sooo true … and list #5 … sooo true as well .. a little composition of mine from last June …

    “Every day brings an entirely new world … ❤

    'Each night, when I go to sleep, I die. And the next morning, when I wake up, I am reborn.' ~ Mahatma Gandhi ~

    I Pray that I am forever granted the eyes of the child with which to see that freshness … interbeing … and the catharsis of movement, even in where I lay my head … change … the only constant .. central to the Universe .. Logos .. Theos .. God .. B|

    Thank you for ALL your sharing


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