Sun Will Return

I came home yesterday to this pensive smile. Does anyone else see inanimate objects smiling?

My brain has filled with fog.  What is it veering away from?  What wintry truth do I avoid by settling myself back into the mists and bogs of my brain?

Perhaps it’s just the overweening weariness of February.  I don’t care what anyone says: It might contain fewer days, but February is the longest month.  Some years February is harder than others.  Maybe I just need a little more sunlight.

I begin to notice the sunreturn in January, and that has its thrill, but by February, the process seems too slow and ponderous.  Just bring me light, already!  It’s coming.  I might be grouchy about it now, but I can wait.  The sun always returns, whether I am paying attention or not.  Meanwhile, I will see what I can learn from the bogs and fogs of February.

Gratitude List:
1. Musings.  Every year, my church puts together our own book of writings for Lent.  People take the lectionary scriptures and use them as a jumping off point for writing a contemplative piece.  I look forward to it every year, every morning reading a thoughtful pondering by someone in the congregation.
2. Hot sauce
3. Editing.  Last night, I submitted a packet of poems to the Spoken Word Festival.  I haven’t sat down to simply edit and revise my work like that for a long time, and it felt so good.  I need to be careful–the editing bug catches me like an obsession.  I need to put this one off until the summer so I can focus on my daily work.  I don’t think I have the discipline to just work on one poem at a time.  But the dream of putting together the next book will feed me for the next few months.
4. The sun will come back.  It always does.
5. Color

May we walk in Beauty!


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