Setting the Story Free

This is the April Poetry Month Poet-Tree from 2014.  It took quite a bit of maintenance, even when I did not have a full-time job, so I haven’t done it for a couple years, but I think of it every year.

I am pulling words out of a paragraph I wrote a couple years ago, and beginning my poem with them.  This, then, becomes a poem about a poem.  I am not brooding so intensely today as I was when I wrote these words the first time.

Here are the words,
tossed out of my brooding heart,
flung out of this boat of me.
Perhaps I’ll breathe more freely
if I can set this story free.

The poem may begin to bend those bars,
make the space for breathing,
find that one breach in the ceiling
that lets the sky coming rushing in.

Catch the flotsam if you can,
salvage whatever floats to you on the waters.
Craft an altar, build a temple,
delineate the space to walk a labyrinth.
Shape the bones of the poem
to the space that suits your need.
Cry or bleed, worship or wait,
and send the remnants onward
for another stranded spirit.

Gratitude List:
1. Yesterday morning’s wonderful music
2. Interfaith dialogue.  All we can learn from each other.
3. The sane and reasonable voices
4. Contemplative poets: Rumi and Hafiz, O’Donohue and White, Oliver and Harjo and Levertov
5. The web, the basket, the bowl–images and symbols

May we walk in Beauty!


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