Reaching Out With Stories

The Tin Man considers. . .  York, PA.

Gratitude List:
 1. The spirited participation and joyful interaction of teachers at my kids’ school.  I teach at a private school, and I love the education my school provides.  You must know, too, that public education in the US is not dead, and is not soulless.  There are great teachers out there, pouring their hearts into their work, which is children.  And there are good teams of teachers, good schools where people work together in the best interests of the children they teach.
2. The way people reach out with stories.
3. Spring tea with elderberry syrup and ginger tincture.  I hope it can keep helping me to keep the allergies at bay.  Nettle, dandelion, dock, two or three kinds of mints, catnip, plantain (both kinds), violet, clover, chamomile.
4. The way the wind makes the leaves shimmer and rustle.
5. My introverted time is coming.  I love the energy and bustle of the school year, and I have enough extrovert in me to meet it.  But I long for the times when I have time to live a little more inside myself, and that time is coming, too.  By summer’s end, I will be longing for the rush and rustle again, and the summer will feed that.

May we walk in Beauty!


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