Poppies in the Rain

Poppies in rain
Last year’s poppies in the rain.  The poppies and peonies are just a little late this year.

Gratitude List:
1.  (What has been satisfying?) The sounds of the birds–always, good chocolate and a colleague who shares handmade chocolates to get us through the week, finding a voice
2. (What have you been seeing?) The mist rising over the layers of valley in the mornings when I look out from the top of the ridge
3. (What challenge has helped you?) Being unsure whether I would get everything done caused me to create new and more effective systems
4. (Who has been helpful?) I admire the people who work with MSF/Doctors Without Borders–risking their lives for the good of others, several students who have gotten behind in their work this semester have suddenly kicked into working gear and gotten their homework to me
5. (Where do you turn for serenity?) A good book on tape, one more cup of coffee, moments of quiet contemplation, planning for my mini-course

May we walk in Beauty!

I can’t really add this to my gratitude list because some people did suffer damage.  Several windows were broken or cracked at my children’s school.  I am relieved, at least, that yesterday’s hail storm did not hit this side of the ridge and our tender plants.


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