The Doorway Out is the Doorway In

Sato Masahiro Q-ta
Collage by Sato Masahiro, also known as Q-ta.

Today’s poem is to be an ekphrastic poem.  I love the play between word and image.  For the image, I found a perfect collage by Q-ta. I think I will try to work on my own collage techniques this summer.

Day 3 of All the Things I Wish I Had Said (While You Were Still Here)

The Doorway Out is the Doorway In

You will come to many doorways.
Seek the ones that open inward,
the ones that take you in and down.

Always seek the road with wonder
in your heart, in your hands. Wander
freely through the hallways and the tunnels.

Be both polite and firm with everyone
that you encounter. Within these passages,
they will be mirrors and reflections.

Look for the landmarks, the shining pebbles
that glow in the darkness, the typical turns
that remind you of turns you have taken before.

Stay with the story as it unfolds within you,
finding new doorways and passages inward.
Make up new words for the forces you find.

Do not be frightened of losing your way.
Getting lost here is the way to be found.
The doorway is out is the doorway in.

Gratitude List:
1. Time: Keeping time, watching time, measuring time, how the concept of time is bound up with the concept of space
2. History: How a place gathers its history around it–that way people do, too, taking on the aura and the shape of what has been
3. Conductors and Historians: People who search out the stories and keep track of the past, who share it eagerly.  When the Columbia Trolley stopped yesterday to pick us up, I had a sudden odd and delightful sense that we were prey and the historians on the trolley were hunters, happy to have new people to tell the stories to.  We happily obliged.
4. Endings, which carry in them the seeds of new beginnings
5. Beginnings

May we walk in Beauty!


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