List Poem(s)

I managed to get a list poem written this afternoon while I was sitting by the pond watching the boys play.  Let’s call this one

June Afternoon
A List

Sun dapple on pond, sunlight and shadow on lily pads.
Ivory lotus lilies frozen in time and sunlight
in the corner where the cool spring feeds the pond.
Undulating shadow-shine of water
reflected on the low arms of cherry and of maple.
A dozen damselflies loop and dart and hover,
sun flickering through their shining wings.
A dragonfly bends an iris-leaf lance and settles into a sunbeam.
Muddy merchildren splash and babble in the shallows.
Yeep of startled frog, booming glumph of granddaddy croaker.
Percolating pop of pollywogs sipping through lily pads.
Wispy white clouds in the small circle of sky seen through green.
The constant swish and whisper of Cabin Creek,
the chatter of the little falls,
the shush and hustle at the narrows.
Sweet scent of crushed pond fern and honeysuckle.

And here’s a free-association word-list I found in my journal from 4-10-12.  I think I ought to do a word pool every week or so.  It’s such fun to come back to.  Why did I put those words together, but for the sounds, or the feeling in the mouth, in the brain?

Word Pool
A List

frazzled creeper
window column
prodigal peeping peachfuzz
windows uptight
limpid pirate
pyromaniac reverberation
amethyst exclamation
liminal window minimal
review teleportation manual
vermilion intellectual
vapid estimation
vapourous mossy mist
insipid limpid
crestfallen intellectual
vibrant (stuck on vee)


What do you think?

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